Unicorns Float, Others Sink at the Cardboard Boat Regatta

Hundreds turn out to watch the cardboard creations sink and swim during the favorite annual event.

·         By Madeline Allen

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·         July 30, 2012

The Grayslake Park District hosted its 7th annual Cardboard Boat Regatta at Jones Island Park Saturday.

Families and friends came together to race their uniquely formed human-powered boats made of corrugated cardboard. Each team was expected to participate in at least three heats using their homemade creations to race a 200 yard course.

While some decided to put their boats together minutes before the race on the grass surrounding the beach, others spent time and effort into preparing their boats for Saturday’s competition.

Craig Kozak of Third Lake spent almost two hours each night for two weeks with his family in order to create their cardboard unicorn masterpiece. It proved to be a successful day for Team Unicorn as they earned first place after being observers at last year’s competition. 

For the Open Division, the IKEA boat won third place, while also receiving the Titanic Award. In second place came the Super Mario boat, the same team that won the Best Dressed award as a result of their creative and accurate costumes. In first place came Team Unicorn, who also won the most creative use of cardboard award.

Although it was apparent that each team was having a great time during the Regatta, the Colorado Rangers stood out for having the most fun during the competition.


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