This site is dedicated to Holly Fisher and her Highway to Recovery. The road will be a long and brutal road requiring long term hospital and rehabilitation to regain the things in life we all take for granted. Holly has already stayed in ICU in 3 different hospitals for 6 weeks. She is now undergoing further surgeries and procedures in attempt to regain function in her legs, eyes, and mind.

In addition she will require multiple plastic surgeries to the face, neck, shoulder, and ear to conceal the horrific damage Holly has received. Her mind and soul is in the Lords hands. She will have to relearn all over again how to talk, understand color, reach, read, writing, walk and run. Even basic self dressing, homemaking, cooking, and working will be skills she has lost and must learn again.

Holly will endure months and even years of medical assistance. This endurance requires not a sprint to the finish, but a marathon of painful and courageous steps to her recovery.

This recovery lies at the end of the road known as - Highway for Holly

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