Who is Holly? She is a daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend and soul mate. Ever since Holly was a little girl she has always been able to light up a room with her beautiful smile, laugh; and, her heart the size of Texas.  Strong willed; along with determination and strength is what has made Holly who she is today.

            She has many passions, but the one thing that her life revolves around is horses. A competitive show jumper with a room full of placing ribbons, Holly never gives up. When she lost her horse Eva to colic a couple of years ago it did not stop her from pursuing her dreams; and ever since, she has been determined to make her way back into that show arena. Currently working at the stables with her trainer; her life has been devoted to caring for all the horses she loves so much.

When not at the barn, you would find Holly playing with her nephews, talking on the phone, chatting on Facebook, shopping, painting her toe nails with the current designs she would discover on Pinterest, hanging out with friends, and painting. If you ever met Holly she would also tell you that she has a son named Tinky, a well-dressed Chihuahua who sports sweater vest and letter jackets.

            When life threw curve balls at her she would always be able to overcome them on her own. Unfortunately on the early evening of March 30th, 2012, all of Holly’s dreams, passions, and the life she currently had were placed on hold. Traveling to visit her boyfriend for the weekend, whom had recently started working in Oklahoma, her SUV was struck by an 18 wheeler.

Holly was alone in her vehicle but God was with her during these crucial minutes that her life would be changed forever. A few strangers that were passing became not only heroes but real life angels and came to Holly’s aid doing what they could until emergency workers could arrive. Holly was pinned for approximately 15 minutes before being extracted by the Sayre Fire Department using the Jaws of Life. Suffering full body and life threatening injuries, Holly was transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital where she was stabilized and then airlifted to OU Medical Hospital in Oklahoma City.

 Now a victim of a Traumatic Brain Injury she fights daily for her life to return to normal. The once strong-willed independent girl, who was always able to overcome all things herself and with Christ, is now depending on others to help her fight her biggest battle. She has always lived her life by Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and has a favorite French saying “Rester Forte” which translated says “Remain Strong”. Since the night of the accident, Christ is giving Holly the strength she needs to remain strong but Holly still needs continued prayers and support from others.

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