Holly’s Progress:

Holly is making some progress in the right direction and has just recently started aquatic therapy to help in the recovery of being able to walk again. This benefits her both emotionally and physically because there is little or no excruciating pain as there is in regular physical therapy. Holly is still taking tube feedings only during the night but is eating small amounts of food through out the day. She has some long term memory such as recognizing some people and her passion for horses. Her short term memory however is almost completely lacking but she is in therapy for that also. The memory process is the longest and hardest part of a Traumatic Brain Injury and Holly is just now taking baby steps in this stage of recovery. Part of her therapy is to bring certain items to her that she might be familiar with such as her phone or laptop. If you happen to be on Facebook at just the right time you might just so happen to see a "Like" or a "Comment" posted from her page. We ask that you please keep prayers, thoughts, and wishes coming in for Holly as this is the longest and hardest journey that she is having to endure. 


Holly continues to fight her way through this injury with physical therapy and speech therapy. Her training is intense and tiresome. We have a long way to go; estimated recovery time is 18-24 months before she is at her peak. Her operation on her left leg seems to be holding and this should allow her to walk without leg braces. Her courage is tremendous and unmatched as her painful road to recovery is slowly made. Holly remains in Baylor Hospital in Dallas, TX for now and the rest of the month. She will relocate to a transitional rehab institution for 6 months in August;  located in East Texas.

Hi, this is Holly's mom, Dorothy. This is the first time I've been able to go online and talk about our precious Holly. Physically, she's doing great. She had, what we hope, is a last surgery on her left leg on July 2. This is still a result of the left leg pulling up to her right shoulder and locking in place due to the brain injury. The first procedure straightened the leg out requiring a brace but the ankle remained locked with toes pointed downward, called a plantar position making it impossible to walk. This surgery called a Myo Fascial Tendon Release, required an incision down the back of the calf to the achilles tendon and 2 more incisions to the muscle and fascial. Everything was the sewed up, the ankle was forced to a 90 degree ankle and a hard cast put on up to her knee. Two days after surgery they had her up on it continuing to teach her to walk. At first it was very, very painful and at one point half the therapy room was in tears with her, I had to walk out. But Holly, she's so strong, so courageous, and she never gives up, she keeps fighting. Earlier this week she was walking and the therapist, there are 2 with her, asked her if she wanted to sit down and rest, and she said, "No, I want to keep going." and she did. The pain has subsided and now she is walking with a cane, but only in therapy. At times she wants to walk toe-heel instead of heel-toe but she's doing amazing and you can tell she really is determined to walk. I am so proud of my Hollywood. 

This past Friday the July 20, HER FEEDING TUBE CAME OUT!! Her oldest sister Brandi recorded it and Holly received the following certificate
The right side of her face, where the severe lacerations were are very itchy but that's the scars healing. The nerves and muscles are repairing themselves and her smile is almost straight. It use to droop on the right side due to nerve damage. She's so beautiful. Her hair is growing in very quickly, it is almost 2" now. It is darker than before and I also think it's growing in thicker. Before long, it will be time for those blonde highlights she loves so much. She can talk very well although its just above a whisper, but at times, she does get a little louder. Both arms are functional, the left being a little weaker but with time and therapy this should grow stronger. Her hearing and eyesight are both very good. We are so lucky to have our Holly progressing like she is. 

She loves having her sisters -  Brandi & Jennifer, nephews - Colby & Mason and her brother in law D.J. there, they all make her smile and laugh and of course she brightens up when her boyfriend, Jesse, comes to see her. To all who have been here to see Holly, even though she may not say much, it does wonders for her recovery. Anyone familiar to her triggers memories and then we can quiz her later on who has been there or what she did that day and that's a part of the process to restore memory. Thank you all so much for that, family and friends are so important to recovery at this time. The doctors  and therapists say memory takes the longest to return. Both long term and short term memory is still not there for her but she works diligently everyday in occupational and speech therapy to regain both of these. She eats very well at this point. Her favorite nighttime snacks are toaster strudels, and I do mean "snacks" because she eats between 3 to 6 of these each night between 11:00 p.m. & 4:00 a.m. She's so cute and I love it when at 1:20 a.m. she says, "Momma, can I have a toaster strudel?" in that sweet little sleepy voice. And her Dad, he's great and spoils her with steak dinners and chinese food. So that's where are right now and I will continue to update this more often, so it wont be as long. It's been a long, hard, struggle and she has a long journey still ahead but we have good days now that we didn't have for so long. I also want to thank everyone for your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes for our Hollywood. Just knowing that you are saying a prayer for Holly, calling to check on her, thinking of her, or even taking the time to get on this website that you are reading right now, all of these things take time, and we have realized that time is very special, it's something you can't get back but its a gift you can give and you are using your precious time to pray and think of Holly. That, in itself, is a huge contribution and I thank you so much. Please continue to pray for her, our sweet Holly is a Miraculous Testimony to the Love, Power, and healing of God. Our Lord and Angels with wings, spread wide have protected her from the second the accident occured and have never left her side. We both receive communion on Sundays and Holly says The Lords Prayer with us. Is that not just awesome!! God Bless You and God Bless our baby girl Holly!! We Love you all.
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